building - assembling - maintenance 

Lorusso Impianti Molitori Ltd is a dynamic metal mechanical firm of average size. Established in 1967 it deals with the construction and maintenance of plants for molinary firms, "pasta" factories and industry in general. 

The firm is specialized in planning, building and setting up of the whole plant for the grinding and stockage of wheat and of various kinds of cereals. 
Our firm is able to satisfy the most exacting demands of large medium and small firms thanks to the acquired experience and to the continual research work to improve the new technological proposals. 

The work staff is composed of skilled workers and technicians.

Warranty of quality and trustworthiness of our manufactures are given by the following points:
-planning according to information technology , using cad systems
-our manufactures are made employing first-rate material and using very precise equipments
-subsequent cheks and tests are carried out by a specialized staff.

The operative centre is in the industrial area of Altamura (Ba) where the co-ordination of the work yards activities is also carried out.

Lorusso Impianti Molitori S.r.l.
Via Della Rugola 6-8-10 Z.I - 70022 Altamura ( Ba )
Tel.+39 080.3103534 e-mail









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